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Media Update



All available Netflix episodes of 30 Rock

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (This one gets full size, since Han Solo is still HOT, oops I mean Indy)


Almost Famous (2nd time, LOVE, everyone is so great in this, esp. Frances McDormand)


Lots of news & inauguration coverage




The Friday Night Knitting Club – fluff

The Outlander – Lots of thumbs up

Netherland – lost on me. Too much Cricket

Crossing to Safety – one of the best EVER!!!

Listened to:


The Falls – Joyce Carol Oates takes on Love Canal, awesome

Outlander – (got this one by mistake when trying to get above book) Not loving, Scottish Highlands time travel, 2 discs in and probably giving up.


As always, dear readers, bring on the suggestions & critiques


January 23, 2009 at 11:04 pm 1 comment

Embracing Bedrest

I hesitate to write about bedrest and risk boring the world with how limited/boring my world has become.

Perhaps I can turn this into a challenge to stay current, read the paper regularly, share good books/movies/tv (as so many have generously suggested) and to entertain with stories of what looks/feels like sea monsters roiling in my belly.  (Seriously, I half-expect a scary alien head to pop out at any moment and yell at me, that’s how volatile things are getting).

So, here is what I have read so far: Lots and lots of magazines, and “Catcher in the Rye.”


I had never read it. It was fun, I had one of my sister-in-law’s high school copy, complete with doodles.   I’m not sure I liked the story itslef that much.  Even when not on bedrest I can can read about a book a week, and this little book took me 2 weeks.  What I did like was visiting lots of Manhattan spots I have been missing.

I have also been listening to a few books:

51kte772grl_sl160_aa115_216u0ot2enl_sl160_aa115_51v7u5a8yxl_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_Everything Is Illuminated – Foer. Had to quit this one, hated.

Run – Patchett – Good story, liked it.

The Reserve – Banks – This I loved because it was set in the ADK mountains and had me dreaming of dark lakes and guideboats.  The story’s genre is a little hard for me to put my finger on, it’s kind of a thriller and kind of just a story of some screwed up folks up north.  It had a lot of loose ends for me and ultimately wasn’t that satisfying, but I just loved dreaming of all those trees.



Next in line: A gift from great mommies.  This is turning out to be one of the best sources for practical information to date.  Thanks S&S!

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Reading Holiday

41gk2jny12l_ss500_.jpgDianaSnowBack before the holiday vacation  I listened to Nick Hornby book: “How to be Good” and liked it VERY much. And then I listened to “The Diana Chronicles” and ate it up like butter.  Getting lucky, except I’m also slogging through “Snow” on my ipod and it’s cruel and unusual punishment – as if the treadmill wasn’t bad enough already.

51ip5wf0grl_ss500_.jpgAnd then I read a book with a very clever title: An Arsonists Guide to Writers’ Homes In New England. And liked it very little. Did anyone else read this? It took weeks, since I’m stubborn like that, and I just never got the hang of it. I’m sure I missed something, since I loved the title and had really high expectations. Or maybe that was the problem.


And then my brother recommended this book, “The Russian Debutante’s Handbook.” Kristine once told me how much she loved it, then I forgot about it. And now I have finished, and again it took a while. This is totally unlike me.  Am I losing my touch or am I, as my mom liked to say in high school, making poor choices?


StargirlAnd for the younger set: LOVED: “Pictures of Hollis Woods.”  Nah: “Stargirl” – and I am a Jerry Spinnelli fanatic so this is seriously disappointing.  Next I plan to read a book recommended by a boy in my class set at Alcatraz called “Al Capone Does My Shirts.”

So, Gentle Readers, any books you are ripping through? Help me with my New Year’s resolution. On my list so far: The Jane Austen Book Club (thanks Candy).  OK, and fiction is about all I do, be forewarned that if you recommend nonfiction, your choice will have to have some serious intrigue for me.  As for fiction, obviously I’ll read any old crap.

February 23, 2008 at 1:14 am 3 comments

First Cold of the Year


Sorry so MIA.

I think moving exposes me to a whole new set of germs. Downstate germs. After 9 years of teaching, do I have the immunity of a brand new teacher again? Perhaps these germs are different? Do they talk with funny accents, cutoff other germs while traveling to my sinuses, or call me ‘hon’ while pounding on my head?

Ok, truth is, things are great here. My students are smart, my colleagues are welcoming, and my car lives on. Oh, and I have the husband of my dreams.

I’m reading: magazines and the Sunday NYT (it takes me all week). No time for books. Soon, LLL, soon!

Trading UpI’m listening to: Candice Bushnell’s “Trading Up.” Guilty pleasure. Men need not try. It’s no SATC (ok, I didn’t really read that), but it drops designer names while doing a total send-up of NY society. Fun.

Speaking of designer names, has anyone else watched Tim Gunn’s new show? If you haven’t, don’t. Wait for Runway.

October 5, 2007 at 12:48 am 1 comment


BlessingsListened on the way home from LI to Anna Quindlen’s Blessings. Slow, predictable, and lovely. Resonates of “Empire Falls” without shock, awe, or out-of-the-blue tragedy. Just sad, sweet, and entirely hopeful. NYT review here. I like it when they say, ” . . . happiness is often recognized belatedly.”

Got me thinking about that title, Blessings. MINOR job setback had me screaming on Friday morning, repenting by afternoon (after some good paternal listening). As my friend E’s co-worker says “we are not holding AIDS babies here.” Then I might really have something to scream injustice about. Until then, I will count my BLESSINGS.

June 11, 2007 at 12:20 am 1 comment

THIS is the face of Pink Eye

img_2251.jpgSo, this is pink eye. I kind of wonder how I got this far without ever experiencing it before. Lovely. Unfortunately, after a misdiagnosis of allergies, since my eyes have both swelled shut, it has gone untreated for three days and I have brought pink eye to the masses. Or at least 15 first graders and my entire family. The horror, the horror.

At least it is not August 3.

The bright side: Some people cheer me up by saying I look like Audrey Hepburn in my big shades. Keep it coming, folks. No chance this diseased ego will get too big for britches.

Another bright side: I can do the backlogged work I have been struggling to get to. Or blog.

Reading? I’m not reading, sillies, did you hear my eye is swelled shut? BUT, any addict finds a way. I’m listening to a pulpy crime/thriller called “Dirty Blonde” by Lisa Scottoline. It has been a godsend. It would move along any car-ride.

June 5, 2007 at 1:34 pm 11 comments

Go Ivy!

Julia GradWent Ivy this weekend – graduation for this star sister. I am flushed with pride, and hope she goes off to follow her confusion and her nose. No worries for this kid, ahem, adult. She is lovely, graceful, wise, sensitive, and caring, and the “real world” gets a gift as she departs her hallowed halls. DK & I tried hard to keep up with Ithaca-hatched parents in their element. It was all an honor and a treat.

Paid more attention to the speeches at this event than my own graduation (not listening due to obsessive worrying about imminent real-world ejection). Excellent, serious, call to arms. Hope those smartie Ivies were listening. NPR did a great piece today on graduation speeches. Bill Cosby – a professional (and not in the good way), does the circuit every year, don’t bother. Clinton (watch speech here, no joke, it’s fabulous) – do everything you can to get tickets (Go RIT!). “How you think matters, and how people see you thinking matters!” (my exclamation point!) Oh how I miss this man, and don’t blame Monica Lewinsky at all. Watch it, and Mark, Rush’s friend (see rusharound on blogroll). Often.

On the way home, stopped by for a dance party with 2 SETS of girl twins – first set age 9, second set age 6, all sisters. Gwen Stefani is my new favorite singer. No doubt.

Reading: Ten Days in the Hills – Jane Smiley (SDH – how goes it?). Based on Boccacio’s Decameron. I’m liking it very much so far, but it’s not something I’m rushing home or staying up late to finish. Thank goodness. F & A put 10 new books in my hands this weekend, and I am admittedly daunted.

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