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Halloween Hideaway

When somebody ducks Christmas, we call them a Grinch or a Scrooge. But what about someone who ducks Halloween? Ok, I did the costume thing at school, we threw a great party, we scraped the gook out of pumpkins, we frosted cookies. I went for a walk to gawk at all the cute kids in a nearby neighborhood. And now it’s over.

And I won’t answer the door.

I live on a REALLY busy street. And I don’t know anyone. So, forgive me, but I am a Winch – a witchy grinch.

Please send photos of my little loved ones far away.  Anna, you win big.  First in, and your bees are perfect.


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Gossip Girl

gossip girlSo, this is it. I love it. Please watch, and tell me I’m a deadbeat, nuts, disgusting, and then secretly join me every Wednesday at 9.  I was encouraged to finally post this by a pop-literate librarian who is already in cahoots.  You can read her confessional here.   And encourage her to blog more.  Like me. Ha!

I love it for the GORGEOUS scenes of NY. And the gossip.

AND, it’s based on a book. Does that make it better?

Gossip Girl’s website is strangely familiar. Same designers as for that of “Special Topics in Calamity Physics“? Check ’em out.

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Thank god it’s raining. And I can’t go to the beach, the city, for a run, etc. I remember this from my days in Colorado. Amy & I used to have to close the orange and brown curtains on our hovel one-bedroom condo in Keystone in order to watch a movie, guilt-free. img_2768.jpgI have no focus, except a few great pictures to share from a weekend with my lovely friends from my Rochester. They are amazingly fun women, and they were troopers on air mattresses, couches, and in our tiny kitchen. I hope it was worth it for trips to Tiffany’s (shameless namedropping of a place I can never shop) and Canal Street (a place I can afford, but all the stuff you buy falls apart in a week). Here we are resting by the future world-series trophe we had no idea we were leaning on. Handsome men kept stopping to gawk, and we felt quite gorgeous . . . until they asked us to MOVE!

img_2764.jpgThis is my dad’s favorite spot. I always take a picture by the lions when I can. Dan & I have one from our first date (wish I could find it). And then there is CO, my bud. Who I am sure will get a call from Tiffany’s since this picture is absolutely perfect for them. So enjoy, and for the rest of you, look, you should plan a visit! Come on now! Next visitors will include kid-friendly sites!img_2766.jpg

Other names to drop:

The Bubble Lounge for champagne cocktails (ohh, perhaps 1 too many), and Dylan Prime for eats, universally loved by a table of 6 chick-carnivores. Interior was so-so, but everything else, especially the lamb, was AMAZING. And a final stop, that was totally over-the-top at the hideaway at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Terminal. You’d never know it was there, but it’s worth a trip.

OK, I have provided enough free advertising for NY hotspots for one post, but remember, friends, when you visit, we will tailor your trip for YOU! We just can’t give you your own bedroom and shower.

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First Cold of the Year


Sorry so MIA.

I think moving exposes me to a whole new set of germs. Downstate germs. After 9 years of teaching, do I have the immunity of a brand new teacher again? Perhaps these germs are different? Do they talk with funny accents, cutoff other germs while traveling to my sinuses, or call me ‘hon’ while pounding on my head?

Ok, truth is, things are great here. My students are smart, my colleagues are welcoming, and my car lives on. Oh, and I have the husband of my dreams.

I’m reading: magazines and the Sunday NYT (it takes me all week). No time for books. Soon, LLL, soon!

Trading UpI’m listening to: Candice Bushnell’s “Trading Up.” Guilty pleasure. Men need not try. It’s no SATC (ok, I didn’t really read that), but it drops designer names while doing a total send-up of NY society. Fun.

Speaking of designer names, has anyone else watched Tim Gunn’s new show? If you haven’t, don’t. Wait for Runway.

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