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Part 3, California

Vegas to California . . . into earthquake territory. We were 2 hours outside of Los Angeles when the calls from the media-savvy Keegans started to come in. Where were we, were we OK, did we feel it? We didn’t feel the 5.8 rumbler, but we heard lots of tales as we bravely barreled into Pasadena 2 hours later. Locals were smiling and laughing about their tales, totally un-fazed.

True to LA form, we did most of our sightseeing from our car. It really is just that kind of place. Bought a star-homes map for $2 in front of the famous Chinese Theater and got exactly what we paid for.

Hooray for Hollywood!

Marnie and the beautiful Q!!

Gardens at the Getty Museum, breathtaking!

Now in San Diego – the USS Something-or-other. Stayed on Coronado Island, hub of military activity!

The amount of “Top Gun” sights is incredible, can’t wait for my future Netflix date with Goose and Mav!

Fish tacos with Tom & Shannon in Ocean Beach.

Last sunset over the Pacific, but we’ll be back San Diego!!!

Travelogue over for the summer, days are shorter, school approaches, and these 2 schoolteachers are out of money. Anyone care to comment on what I might be missing in my appreciation of LA? Everything was good – esp. visit with friends and the spectacular Getty Museum, but after that I’m not so sure what the fuss is about. San Diego, on the other hand, yummy.


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Vegas Baby!

I did it for my husband.  Except, I loved it.  Our room  and hotel were luxe, Baby.  We worked the floor, ate big, and . . . okay we mostly just ate.  The pool was decadent and necessary in the 110 degree heat. I’d go back to stay at the Venetian in a second!  Tacky enough to amuse, cushy enough to make you glad you stayed.

Visit to Hoover Dam – hot as hell, but It was amazing.  This feat of engineering is one I can hardly imagine building, and I actually liked the video explaining new methods of cooling/drying concrete (Otherwise the whole dam would have taken over 1000 years to cool/settle).  Flying in over Lake Mead is a sight – that turquoise water is eye-popping, as I’m sure it is if you swim – brrr!

It was an essential stop before LA and San Diego, since the entire southwest is pretty much powered by this place.  Brilliant! At least that’s the only spin you get during the tour.  No mention of how blocking the largest river west of the continental divide caused a little friction/change in the world.

Second night in Vegas, we saw a Cirque De Soleil show – La Reve.  Utterly amazing.  My first Cirque show – all done in/over/around this round pool in the middle of the theater.  And our “splash zone” seats were pretty perfect.  We got to see the bathing beauties up close – abs to kill for and shoulders (even the women) to move mountains.

This stage was so versatile.  It moved constantly and the cast of 80ish swimmer/dancers came in and out assisted by about 16 scuba divers as underwater support team.  After 2 days in the desert, I needed this!  Next, off to LA – earthquake territory!

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Big, Big Trip, Leg 1

10 days on the road, and not our usual roads had me far from computers but not from family and friends.

We make it over Loveland Pass, but my stomach for it is not what it used to be. M&M sleep through the whole thing, while Candy and I lean into it. At least we get this great shot of Dan . . . and it’s not snowing.

1st morning in Vail, roll deer. Honestly! Loving the Rogers’ new home and all it’s beautiful views and great comfort for our new family oof 9.

We walk the paths of the beautiful Vail Valley and visit Andrew & Ian’s plot. Is there a better day to be had?

The meal lineup was always my favorite time. Mass produced sandwiches took over 1 loaf of bread for this crew!

There are lots and lots of photos from this leg of the journey, thanks to the four gorgeous children we got to spend our days with. Thank you to my college roomies for sharing them, homes, and lots of love with us. Next year, Eastern Shore bound!

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