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July (sans Cranberry Lake)

Not the best photo quality, but the vacation quality was amazing! After a great week of H2G camp, with Aunt Juice entertaining and supporting us all, we headed to the Palisades for a gracious house/dog sitting “job”.  It was decadent and luxurious, and shared with as much friends and family as we could muster.

Yes, someone here is “a little bit naked,” which he was most of the trip. Ah, summer, we love you.

Feeding Matthew’s interest in bells, belfries, clappers, etc.  What passion!

Straight to Cranberry Lake, more on this amazing Fishing Derby of a trip soon. Then home for a few days, to check in with our beautiful beaches.

Rochester visit, always full of special treats.

(Netnet is not sure her pedicure is turning out to be such a treat).

An amazing stay and visit with the Galianas.

Home again, to meet the Mets, greet the Mets!

Citi Field did not disappoint.

Can you see the Tylenol peeking out of the backpack? The boys were troopers, and a treat from the Shack Shack helped us through, but long naps followed for all.  We’ll be back to show our support, Mets!


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The boys started school at the JCC this month, but it’s funny, we don’t have any pictures of that!  Life was still a beach, even in September.

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June – Daddy’s Birthday & Jackie’s Graduation from Williams College

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April, Easter in Maryland – Thanks Easter Bunny (Aunt Julie)


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Happy 2nd Birthday Leo & Matthew!

Happy visitors,

Happy Brotherhood,

Happy February,

Happy Birthday Party,

Happy Choochoo,

Happy memories,

Happy gifts,

Happy Birthday, you are 2!!!

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Rochester in July, Summer Begins

Why we love Rochester:

1. There are 2 hoses at Netnet & Gaga’s house.

2) M&P are always ready to party.

3) Everyone there cracks us up!

4) Outrageous pool party!


7) This photo was taken with the FINAL world cup soccer game on pause.  Soooo, you know they love us.

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We Let Them Eat Cake! Happy Birthday Matthew & Leo!

Sick of this? Not me, nor, does it seem, are the rest of American parents in the digital age. See the article “Framing Childhood” in this weeks NYT Magazine. Cliched suburban motherhood becomes me more everyday . . . and I’ve never been happier. Hmmmm. So here I go again, framing a practically perfect day in real time, and in retrospect.

They do not know what is about to hit them . . . well, Leo might have a guess.

Got frosting?

Leo loves to share food. So cute when it isn’t kinda gross.

Thank goodness Matt grew these teeth just in time to eat cake!

Boys, it has been an amazing first year. You keep us laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Life is so very good with you. Dad & I looked at each other on your birthday and agreed, best year ever. Can’t wait for what’s to come.

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