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National Poem in your Pocket Day

They did it! My students really showed up with poems in their pockets!

Ok, so I assigned it for homework. It wasn’t an option. They’re too cool to do anything like that on their own right now. Everything must be forced, like spring paperwhites.

My favorite was this one: it suited the boy who chose it so very perfectly:

GARDENER by Shel Silverstein
We gave you a chance
To water the plants.
We didn’t mean that way–
Now zip up your pants.


April 17, 2008 at 11:25 pm 6 comments

Ikea @ Moma

The Rochie girls took a trip to MOMA recently.  The “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibit got Kristine thinking of Ikea, so the Ikea exhibit it remains in my memory.  The coolest part was a camera that films you and projects you onto a screen where your shadow is ever-changing with nuances of scales, snakes coming out of your body, tweeting sounds, and tails.

This time I fell in love with the big colorful Rothko canvasses – great for sitting under while relaxing and gossiping and generally catching up.

Aren’t these gals lovely?

They’re not really touching the art!

Dinner later at Resto – mussels from Brussels.  All gorgeous and delicious (though not really as appropriate as I had hoped for our resident vegetarian), and Rachel says the waffles were authentic.  My favorite, the chocolate plate – chili-infused dark chocolate will surely lure me back someday soon.

April 14, 2008 at 12:29 am 1 comment

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