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How Bad Could It Be?

 . . . to tell a work story now and then?  Goodness do I have stories. All I really seem to do is work these days, so it’s all I have!

Nah, It’s just not worth it.  I would be tempted to add pictures, and that would be a gateway drug to angrams of names . . .

But I did go to a conference on Saturday that had a session on blogs that I will write about.  The presenter was pretty low-tech.  She admitted to only texting herself.  But she had learned from blogs the way kids will write in the future.  It won’t be in a “report” “narrative” “memoir” kind of box, she said.  Their writing will have links to songs, artwork, videos, poetry, friends, research.

Unlike this entry.

My job, to start to find ways for them to do this in school.  Again. . . how bad could it be?


Back to writing about food and books and Long Island.


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What haven’t we done?

img_2900.jpgA great Sailors season made hordes of people libound.

And here is what we did, besides watch basketball games:

  • Dinner – Grillfire – 2X – at least!
  • Dinner “Churascaria” – West Village – meat bonanza
  • Show “Spring Awakening” – Amazing, but not as fun as the name makes it sound
  • Dinner “Porterhouse” – Decadence of company and eats, wow
  • Lots and lots of trips to show off the beach (even in the cold) so people will return summertime (and we just bought a cool beach tent!)
  • LI Children’s Museum – 3X!!! It’s a great spot on a cold morning for any age!
  • Top of the Rock, FAO Schwartz, and the Pig n’ Whistle – the most kid-friendly spot in midtown! Eat our shorts Mars 2112!
  • Did you hear, the Giants won the superbowl?!
  • Show “Is He Dead” – a raucous great time, Mark Twain style.
  • Dinner – Perry Street – decadence, again, and to follow . . .
  • An engagement announcement
  • Dinner – Southern Hospitality – JT’s sexyback ribs are worth a taste
  • And lots of chili, spaghetti, and COZY dinners in our tiny apartment
  • And another new niece, just yesterday
  • Met – permanent collection through a fifth grader’s eyes, and an amazing small world story (see previous entry)

I know, I was told not to brag, but how nice is life? Come and visit.

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