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Muttontown Preserve – 550 acres of Nature on LI!

I know! Unheard of!

We even had to pack snacks & water since it is unusual to be more than 100 m. from a deli.

My SS-teacher/husband started us off with a lecture about the ruins of an estate built by a king from somewhere (we were not great students). That king (from Europe?) took off with all of the peoples’ money and built a huge estate, now in ruins. He was punished by vandals, ah Karma.

As we hiked out to the ruins, we saw bunnies, flowers, and lots and lots of mud. We even found a raccoon footprint!

The ruins were pretty cool. Still under fire from vandals, but enough intact to spook us a little.

Visit a review for better descriptions and directions at the NY Times.


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Spring on the Sidewalk

What is better for lunch? Yes, dinner is nice in a secluded garden, and breakfast . . . nobody really eats that meal. But Lunch, long and luxurious, needs a good corner. For people watching of course. And I think I even started to convince my sister that NY is as good as Paris. Right?

Gorgeous company.

We ate at Buzina Pop – a Brazilian/French (!!??) restauraunt in the east 70’s. Very mixed reviews for dinner, but brunch/lunch we loved!!! And you have to get this: a Le Creuset pot filled with black beans, poached eggs, melted cheese, and topped with baguette toast. Come ON! Wish I had taken a picture, but was SO hungry and ate every last bite.

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One Good Thing

There are so many good things.  Just ask Martha.  Sometimes you need to take one thing at a time.  And really love and celebrate that thing.  I’m thinking this little lecture to myself might get me to post more on this blog.  So here is One Good Thing: new sneakers.  New STAN SMITH sneakers.  For my birthday.  Shoes are good things, but STAN SMITHS are really good things. I love them, and I love my husband for giving me these for my birthday.  Thank you, Dan, and thank you, Adidas, for still making STAN SMITHS!  And for those of you who grew up in the 80’s with me, yes, they still make STAN SMITHS, Tretorns, Keds, K-Swiss, so go and get yourself a pair of nostalgic sneakers, it will make your day. 

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Poetry Inspiration

More poetry to come! 6 comments – I’m probably going to get picked up by advertisers now!

Em was even moved to share SPRING poems – check out the comments for poems you can really relate to this time of year.

We’re starting our poetry unit in school so stay tuned. 11 year olds have terribly angsty voices in their own poetry, but love to read poetry that makes them laugh. We have a reader a day come in and share a favorite. I’ll fill in the gaps (didn’t get many volunteers yet) with ee cummings and Em!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with Baba Israel!

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