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Summer Catch-Up Fast

Whoa, here are some pictures I must post before I can move on.


The lovely Duffy ladies, thanks for a wonderful visit to Ridgewood!


Must be summer, these teachers look so relaxed and happy! Can you spot the bride to be? The Birthday Girl?


Notice the stalking tiger in the back, I agree she is delicious.


Leo is in LOOOOVVE.  Me too.


Special visits with Gigi, can never get enough.

And now for some other special visits we had . . .


Marnie & Quinten!


Biffy & Asher!


Kat & Natalia!


And if you couldn’t spot the bride before, here she is with her beau, happy marriage Carrie & Rob!


September 7, 2009 at 5:56 pm 2 comments

WBWB – Wolff/Behringer Wedded Bliss

I’m recovered enough from this past weekend, but I hope I never really recover completely. The pictures will say it all, a gorgeous affair celebrating two people so in love. The groom spent the whole weekend doting on the bride, who spent the whole weekend taking care of everyone but herself. And she still looked fabulous.

Look, see?


St. Patrick’s Cathedral is both intimate and grand!


The toast of the town – really – all of Fifth Avenue got in on the action!

img_1236Hard to imagine, but this cake’s taste was equal to it’s beauty!

img_1221Aren’t they adorable? Kinda looks like they could be winning the “dance off” in Grease!

img_1216This was a family wedding for me, but also a college reunion.

I’d do it all over again with this crowd, they are as lovely as they look!

img_1205And consider this my 24 week picture, since the rest of the time I am in oversized

sweats and in no condition to be photographed.

img_1155This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. It was taken at the rehearsal luncheon. The word luncheon doesn’t really do justice to this decadent affair at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village. (Their website is perpetually down, but you can read a nice review here.) The restaurant embraces the local food movement and has a farm by the same name in the Hudson Valley (where you can also go and eat – and I will!). I can’t even begin to describe the food, I won’t do it justice. But man, it had TASTE! And you know I’m a sucker for a cheese course, and all NY cheeses to boot. All pasteurized, music to a pregnant lady’s ears.



It was an amazing weekend. Thanks to Lynn and Gabriel. Gabe put it the best – our weddings will be tied together forever, and we couldn’t be luckier or happier for them

Viva Bermuda!


November 29, 2008 at 2:02 am 1 comment

Perhaps I’m not a blogger after all? But not quite ready to give up.

Got Married.Woohoo!

Non-blogging honeymoon.

Setup House, try to sell house, try to buy house.

Trying to sell and buy 1 car.

Setup Job in most confusing way possible – details next week.

Ok, ok, then there’s trips to the beach, Mets games, US open trip, off to ADKs this weekend.

So, once I’m back in action, do I need to change the name of my site? If so, to what?

Sorry, this is the best I can do today. Maybe in a month or so things will be less “under construction.”

August 28, 2007 at 3:40 pm 5 comments

What’s in that Purse?!

Isn’t “purse” a funny word?  AG & I have been laughing about it for too many years to count!

It’s been so long since my last post I almost forgot how to add pictures. But here is a picture of my purse. Ok, it’s not really my purse, but it’s something like my purse. This one is way less battered.

PurseThe reason you are not getting a picture of my actual purse is because I put my camera download cord in my purse (I think) and it hasn’t surfaced in a few weeks. I have been looking for it. That’s why I have been so quiet. Oh, and I’ve been moving. And wedding planning, finally.

So, this is a fabulous purse. If I were to write a wedding guide, I would simply tell the bride to get herself a REALLY big black purse. J&S gave me this purse for Christmas, and I haven’t put it down since.

So, here is what is in my purse today:


It’s all about being on the move, nimble. Ready for anything. Except my ipod cord is dangerously close to the tape cutter, my shoes stink, I’m taking advil every 2 hours (can’t move my neck from too many bad golf swings), and who knows what that silver candy dish is still doing there. Right, nimble.

Last night, M&E suggested that perhaps my neck problems are CAUSED by my purse. No way.

And all I can really think about is that in less than a week, everyone I love will be here. And that’s all that matters.

So, what’s in your purse?

July 26, 2007 at 1:57 pm 5 comments

Way Upstate, Wedding Weekend

Sooooo, many of you are staying at the S. hotel on a certain upcoming weekend. This is a great place to stay, since you can walk to many attractions. The first I will recommend is what will surely be a rockin’ fun wedding. But if you’re coming early, or staying late . . .

Now, let’s start with food (of course!). The S. itself has a nice restaurant, but a little stuffy. More variety exists on Park Ave. Just one block away. Bistros, coffee shops, sidewalk dining.

My favorites:

Hogan’s Hideaway
– Casual, family friendly, great food, outdoor seating, really quick walk

Jine’s Restaurant – Same, a little further, also on Park Ave

Magnolia Cafe – Also on park, same. Yum.

Cibon – wine, cheese & panini – euro scene

Park Avenue Pub – finer dining.

Something to keep in mind: Starting Saturday morning, all of Park Ave. will be closed for the Park Avenue Festival. (This website will also show you stores and boutiques in the area). This is a mecca of arts & crafts (or farts and craps as we called it at camp). Kettle corn, fried dough, lemonade and all of those other summer delicacies I can’t wait to get my hands on. There are bands, crowds, and usually at least one weird guy carrying a boa constrictor around his neck. Hey, why not? Go! Enjoy!

Snake Guy

The best gift shop ever, Parkleigh, is right next to Hogans.


Kids. If you have kids, you MUST go to the Strong Museum of Play. It is world class and wonderful. It’s about a mile and a half from your hotel and a must-do.

Well, the other museum is really close to you too. You’ll be there for a special event, but if you haven’t had enough, the RMSC is great fun.

PS: We’ll be conversing over cocktails with this big fella:


George Eastman House – kinda like touring a Newport mansion, but with a great photography museum attached. GE was the founder of Eastman Kodak, a philanthropist, and very very eccentric. Also in walking distance.

The Charlotte boardwalk and pier is a great place to experience Lake Ontario. There’s a carousel, Abbott’s ice cream, and lots of great cheeseburger/onion ring joints. It’s great for kids or a romantic date!

Also, Dan said to include info about our fave downtown eatery: Dinosaur Barbecue. It’s a honky tonk biker bar with lines (but they move quickly, grab a drink!), great service, and the best barbecue and sides ever! They aren’t the anchor bar in Buffalo (most authentic wings ever) but they are close.

OK, if you have any niche requests, I’d love to help, so comment! I can do water parks and wine tours if you’re willing to drive an hour south. Or, head for Niagara Falls, less than 2 hours West. You can have it all upstate, except skiing, you’ll have to wait a month!

(Sorry A, still no wedding stories, but I hope this is at least heading in the right direction).

July 4, 2007 at 2:43 pm 2 comments

St. Maarten Bound

St. Maarten

This is our honeymoon destination. A huge thank you and acknowledgment to our honeymoon benefactors, S & J. You are so wonderful! And we are so excited!!!

So, a few questions, since my usual obsessive travel guide reading has given way to wedding planning. If you have been there, what were some favorite beaches, restaurants, things to do? A&F, no more procrastinating – you are the experts.

Also, island travelers, do you have favorite vacation rituals? For example, A&F have a glass of champagne after the beach – so refreshing! Coffee or a morning run? What works for you? The reason I ask is that DK & I want to enjoy every moment, but will probably not come to our post-wedding senses until it’s time to come home! And, we will never get enough of our friends and family the weekend of August 3rd, but with your great advice, we can take you with us.


June 26, 2007 at 11:50 am 4 comments

Rockville Centre Condo for Sale

Welcome to all my new readers, esp. the brave ones who even dared to comment – Amy! Mom! Bravo! And Annelise & Anna, reconnected after all these years over Pepto. I feel quite accomplished!

Still home with pink eye, see previous picture, but imagine transferred to the other eye.409 Merrick Road

Here is DK’s condo website – our future home (can also go through 409 Merrick Road blogroll link). He has been tirelessly at work “flipping” it and getting it ready for the market. Looks great, right? We’ll be here in the short term, and it’s great for now, but looking for a nice place for visitors to stay, beach, and eat with us. Know anyone looking for a 1bdrm with an easy commute to Manhattan?

Kudos to Dan for catching blogging wave. He has another about his basketball team, the Oceanside Sailors.

June 6, 2007 at 4:09 pm Leave a comment

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