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Jedi Training

Jedi Training

The force is strong in you, young one.



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Catch-up, Again. March, April, May June



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Flat Stanley is HERE!


Looks like St. Maartin, but it’s Long Island in May!


Twins take on the Wilson carnival!





Ending the school year in style with Aunt Juice.

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Roll Around!

Happy 3rd Birthday Matthew & Leo!

A very special Hootenany at the Roll Around kicked off the week-long birthday celebration.



Sweet Matthew & Leo, we love you with all of our hearts.  You are amazing, just the way you are.  You are 3!!




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Happy 2nd Birthday Leo & Matthew!

Happy visitors,

Happy Brotherhood,

Happy February,

Happy Birthday Party,

Happy Choochoo,

Happy memories,

Happy gifts,

Happy Birthday, you are 2!!!

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Guilt, Denial, Reckoning . . .

Blog, you are like friends I get WAY too out of touch with, and then just don’t know where to pick back up.  I’m going to assume you are like the best of old friends. It will be effortless, right?  And fast? Yes.

Superstars Hank & Willie here for a fabulous weekend while their dad laid the kitchen floor.  We had a BIG time.  Big whales, big dinosaurs, big city, and BALTO, the hit of the weekend, and all the while Anna & Melissa snapping gorgeous photos.  Sadly, there are none from inside the car in which we all fit for this journey.

Followed by another Mystic migration, and further celebration of adorable little boys.

And then came the cousins, discovery of splashparks & sillybands, and smiles.

True love of NetNet was in the air.

Year 2 of M&L at Hard2Guard a great success, they needed bodyguards.

A twin boy Hootenanny with the Derisi boys was a great success – post-lunch skinnydipping shots unavailable here.

An exquisite fresh air dinner with our beloved Grandma, Grandpa, and Netnet was a treat.

Tempted to plan a visit? You should!  You will be greeted by this, be covered in hi-fives and kisses, and lovingly shown TRUCKS, our latest fascination.  Next entry will focus on only one event, visit to Ontario-on-the-Lake, where summer started with a flurry of hose fights, popsicles, and family fun!

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We Let Them Eat Cake! Happy Birthday Matthew & Leo!

Sick of this? Not me, nor, does it seem, are the rest of American parents in the digital age. See the article “Framing Childhood” in this weeks NYT Magazine. Cliched suburban motherhood becomes me more everyday . . . and I’ve never been happier. Hmmmm. So here I go again, framing a practically perfect day in real time, and in retrospect.

They do not know what is about to hit them . . . well, Leo might have a guess.

Got frosting?

Leo loves to share food. So cute when it isn’t kinda gross.

Thank goodness Matt grew these teeth just in time to eat cake!

Boys, it has been an amazing first year. You keep us laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Life is so very good with you. Dad & I looked at each other on your birthday and agreed, best year ever. Can’t wait for what’s to come.

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These outfits from our Arizona cousins couldn’t be more appropriate for the guys these days.  Happy and Joy, that’s what it’s all about. The guys, who usually reach milestones about 6 weeks apart, pulled up within the same 24 hours and haven’t looked back.  10 months and counting, must remember to take pictures for it is all happening so fast.

Fabulous trip to Rochester for Christmas had us mostly snuggled in at NetNet & GaGa’s house, with outings to GG’s and Party & Paul’s for festivities.

Presents? Oh, we got lovely presents! But that PAPER!

Back on Long Island for a perfect snow, and a Happy New Year to come for all!

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