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Media Update



All available Netflix episodes of 30 Rock

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (This one gets full size, since Han Solo is still HOT, oops I mean Indy)


Almost Famous (2nd time, LOVE, everyone is so great in this, esp. Frances McDormand)


Lots of news & inauguration coverage




The Friday Night Knitting Club – fluff

The Outlander – Lots of thumbs up

Netherland – lost on me. Too much Cricket

Crossing to Safety – one of the best EVER!!!

Listened to:


The Falls – Joyce Carol Oates takes on Love Canal, awesome

Outlander – (got this one by mistake when trying to get above book) Not loving, Scottish Highlands time travel, 2 discs in and probably giving up.


As always, dear readers, bring on the suggestions & critiques


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obamachampionWell, boys, great job staying put until this day, and beyond.  You will be born during an extremely difficult time in our country.  Thank goodness your mom & dad are full of hope and excitement about this new president.  Welcome, President Obama.

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30 Weeks

But who is counting?img_12651
Look at all those books! I like to pile up the proof of how well taken care of I am.  Books, music, food in the fridge, emails, phone check-ins . . . I am one lucky bedrester!

January 12, 2009 at 12:09 am

Will This Start Twin-fights?

We’re actually bypassing the nursery. For now, all we have is a couple of car seats (thank you Amy!!). We’re moving on to when our children are in kindergarten. We figure it will all be a blur until then anyway.

Plus, we need somewhere for guests to stay. Please, guests, stay.

Folks, what do you think of this? Will it be a source of great usefulness (boy on top, boy on bottom, boys on bottom?) full of options? Will it be a source of fighting? “The top is MINE” “You ALWAYS get the big bed!”? Or, the answer we want to hear: this looks like a great solution!

And, more immediately, will guests think we are nuts presenting them with BUNKBEDS!!! (they do unstack!!)

350_lgcy585004903_3000Help us, experienced parents!

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Embracing Bedrest

I hesitate to write about bedrest and risk boring the world with how limited/boring my world has become.

Perhaps I can turn this into a challenge to stay current, read the paper regularly, share good books/movies/tv (as so many have generously suggested) and to entertain with stories of what looks/feels like sea monsters roiling in my belly.  (Seriously, I half-expect a scary alien head to pop out at any moment and yell at me, that’s how volatile things are getting).

So, here is what I have read so far: Lots and lots of magazines, and “Catcher in the Rye.”


I had never read it. It was fun, I had one of my sister-in-law’s high school copy, complete with doodles.   I’m not sure I liked the story itslef that much.  Even when not on bedrest I can can read about a book a week, and this little book took me 2 weeks.  What I did like was visiting lots of Manhattan spots I have been missing.

I have also been listening to a few books:

51kte772grl_sl160_aa115_216u0ot2enl_sl160_aa115_51v7u5a8yxl_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_Everything Is Illuminated – Foer. Had to quit this one, hated.

Run – Patchett – Good story, liked it.

The Reserve – Banks – This I loved because it was set in the ADK mountains and had me dreaming of dark lakes and guideboats.  The story’s genre is a little hard for me to put my finger on, it’s kind of a thriller and kind of just a story of some screwed up folks up north.  It had a lot of loose ends for me and ultimately wasn’t that satisfying, but I just loved dreaming of all those trees.



Next in line: A gift from great mommies.  This is turning out to be one of the best sources for practical information to date.  Thanks S&S!

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