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Cranberry Lake

Cranberry Lake Heroes:

Headlamps – Thanks Aunt Lisa!



S’Mores – souped up gourmet types, thanks to Juice & Amanda.

Stand-up Paddle Board.

Mt. Arab

Rainbow Falls

Lake Placid.

Ski Jumping – maybe a summer sport too, someday!

S’mores, again, oh this picture!

Uncle Matt’s fishing derby photo-trophies – our new bedroom wouldn’t be the same without them!

Thank you Netnet & Gaga and all, we loved every minute!


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How Sweet it is . . .

Can you tell we have been to College Park? Terrapin onesies, Terrapin sweats, Terrapin SOCKS! It was a good year for the Terps and for the Forker Family Easter Bash! AZ, PA, NY, MD, – came all to spoil babies, chase golf balls, and eat, drink, and be merry. What fun, all thanks to Julie & Chuck, and especially for the ducky and bunny (see below). Faves. What you can’t see is that the littler duckie up front flaps his wings and chuckles along with the song. Love.

7:30 am at the Cherryblossom festival and already DC is seriously bustling. FDR monument with NetNet & Gaga. Downright emotional every time you go, just a really fantastic place.

Dining al fresco – So big!

A swing for two, and with P and M showing us how it’s done.

And then the bunny came.

How sweet it is . . . (a fresh new golf glove, so full of promise).

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Long Island Secession

No, not me. Did you catch The Daily Show on the latest not-topic around here? If not, you should. Here you go!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Long Island Wants to Secede
Daily Show
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Political Humor Spinal Tap Performance

Rush, thanks for helping me embed video!!

And now what you really came for . . . IMG_2584

We’re spending a lot of time poolside these days. M&L love the water and the heat has finally turned on. We swim every afternoon in the shadow of our neighbors’ house. Good thing since we don’t have a bathtub that fits anymore!



We think we’re ready for cereal!



This first time was our cleanest by far. All downhill from here. To be followed by swim in the pool!


We spent a gorgeous week on the shores of Lake Ontario.



Everyone had their favorite vacation activities.


Baby Maggie knows twins are used to getting bopped in the head!


We returned home to Colorado Buddies!!! How did THESE boys get so big?


How cute are the newlyweds?


Our first dip in the big pond – we all loved it!


And if I’m crazy enough to put a picture of my postpartum self in a bathing suit, I can catch these pretties in their pj’s. Thanks for a great visit to the shore Shah family!

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Big, Big Trip, Leg 1

10 days on the road, and not our usual roads had me far from computers but not from family and friends.

We make it over Loveland Pass, but my stomach for it is not what it used to be. M&M sleep through the whole thing, while Candy and I lean into it. At least we get this great shot of Dan . . . and it’s not snowing.

1st morning in Vail, roll deer. Honestly! Loving the Rogers’ new home and all it’s beautiful views and great comfort for our new family oof 9.

We walk the paths of the beautiful Vail Valley and visit Andrew & Ian’s plot. Is there a better day to be had?

The meal lineup was always my favorite time. Mass produced sandwiches took over 1 loaf of bread for this crew!

There are lots and lots of photos from this leg of the journey, thanks to the four gorgeous children we got to spend our days with. Thank you to my college roomies for sharing them, homes, and lots of love with us. Next year, Eastern Shore bound!

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