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November 2011

Still beaching it!

Thanksgiving day at Long Beach.

It all begins now – Go Sailors!


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These outfits from our Arizona cousins couldn’t be more appropriate for the guys these days.  Happy and Joy, that’s what it’s all about. The guys, who usually reach milestones about 6 weeks apart, pulled up within the same 24 hours and haven’t looked back.  10 months and counting, must remember to take pictures for it is all happening so fast.

Fabulous trip to Rochester for Christmas had us mostly snuggled in at NetNet & GaGa’s house, with outings to GG’s and Party & Paul’s for festivities.

Presents? Oh, we got lovely presents! But that PAPER!

Back on Long Island for a perfect snow, and a Happy New Year to come for all!

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Maine Pics (Ok, Hempstead Lake)

We didn’t go to Maine. Hempstead Lake Park is 1 mile from our house, but I have to say these photos LOOK like MAINE! Ask any Long Islander about this park, and they will tell you we shouldn’t be hanging out there (Genesee Valley Park comparable?). Pretty deserted, not near the nicest places, but how will we stay away? I hear there is even a merry-go-round somewhere in its depths. Yay!IMG_3398



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Long Island Secession

No, not me. Did you catch The Daily Show on the latest not-topic around here? If not, you should. Here you go!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Long Island Wants to Secede
Daily Show
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Political Humor Spinal Tap Performance

Rush, thanks for helping me embed video!!

And now what you really came for . . . IMG_2584

We’re spending a lot of time poolside these days. M&L love the water and the heat has finally turned on. We swim every afternoon in the shadow of our neighbors’ house. Good thing since we don’t have a bathtub that fits anymore!



We think we’re ready for cereal!



This first time was our cleanest by far. All downhill from here. To be followed by swim in the pool!


We spent a gorgeous week on the shores of Lake Ontario.



Everyone had their favorite vacation activities.


Baby Maggie knows twins are used to getting bopped in the head!


We returned home to Colorado Buddies!!! How did THESE boys get so big?


How cute are the newlyweds?


Our first dip in the big pond – we all loved it!


And if I’m crazy enough to put a picture of my postpartum self in a bathing suit, I can catch these pretties in their pj’s. Thanks for a great visit to the shore Shah family!

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Rockville Centre Fireworks

Like most holidays in Rockville Centre, the 4th is celebrated 1 week AFTER the event. Perhaps they think nobody will come? We live about 1 mile from Mill River, the site of the fireworks show, which is plenty close for us! M&L had a wonderful time with their family before heading to bed long before the festivities. The rest of us enjoyed the show over the rooftops, some from inside (loud-bang free), some from the front lawn (loud-bang-bring-it-on!).






Same time, same place, see y’all next year!

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Pinata Apples – Pregnancy’s Perfect Food

Apples – No heartburn, no reflux, FIBER! I’m eating 2 at a time these days. Pinatas are harder to find downstate, so falling back on Honeycrisps when necessary. EAT LOTS OF APPLES, pregnant or not! They’ll be mushy and wrinkly and waxed and imported soon.

Pinata Apples
This apple from the Pacific Northwest is the result of a cross between a Gold Delicious and a Cox Orange Pippin. The Pinata Apple won “Apple of the Year 2004” honors in Europe. Its flavor is very sweet and it has a soft texture. Wonderful for cooking or eating out of hand! Available through May or until the grower sells out.

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This is the Time to Remember . . .

Seems we were the only LI’ers who weren’t at Shea last night:

We had our own mini-concert right here on Merrick Road. The goal? Total nostalgia. Billy, whether you realize it or not, is in the fabric of your lives. Try to identify your favorite song and you will certainly have a memory that goes with it.

Mine? The Ballad of Billy the Kid. Hands down. Don’t you love a song that starts out slow and then ROCKS! I’m also a sucker for a song that tells a tale (memories of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” anyone?). It is one of those songs that was always in the background, and somehow, osmosis?, I know all the words AND now I can find Oyster Bay on a map.

So Billy memories anyone? Looking to brush up on tunes? Go to and search “Billy Joel.”

See NYT Article forwarded by Mom for a real writer’s great take on Billy and the goodbye to Shea. Will remind you of how much you love billy and have you whistling “Uptown Girl” – Shameless.

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