What’s in that Purse?!

July 26, 2007 at 1:57 pm 5 comments

Isn’t “purse” a funny word?  AG & I have been laughing about it for too many years to count!

It’s been so long since my last post I almost forgot how to add pictures. But here is a picture of my purse. Ok, it’s not really my purse, but it’s something like my purse. This one is way less battered.

PurseThe reason you are not getting a picture of my actual purse is because I put my camera download cord in my purse (I think) and it hasn’t surfaced in a few weeks. I have been looking for it. That’s why I have been so quiet. Oh, and I’ve been moving. And wedding planning, finally.

So, this is a fabulous purse. If I were to write a wedding guide, I would simply tell the bride to get herself a REALLY big black purse. J&S gave me this purse for Christmas, and I haven’t put it down since.

So, here is what is in my purse today:


It’s all about being on the move, nimble. Ready for anything. Except my ipod cord is dangerously close to the tape cutter, my shoes stink, I’m taking advil every 2 hours (can’t move my neck from too many bad golf swings), and who knows what that silver candy dish is still doing there. Right, nimble.

Last night, M&E suggested that perhaps my neck problems are CAUSED by my purse. No way.

And all I can really think about is that in less than a week, everyone I love will be here. And that’s all that matters.

So, what’s in your purse?


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Way Upstate, Wedding Weekend Perhaps I’m not a blogger after all? But not quite ready to give up.

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  • 1. Party  |  July 29, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    OK, so before my sholder starts hurting, I’m going to clean out my purse. My purse is a 2 year old Vera Bradley knockoff. I’m very particular about my purse, how it opens, size and pockets. It’s not an easy task to replace a purse, ergo, the 2 year old bag.

    Anyway, here are some of my contents…(no pictures, sorry).

    Phone, gum, rarely used Weigh Watchers Points calculator, wrist bands to prevent car sickness while reading (as a passenger) on road trips, 2 IDENTICAL Dot to Dot Puzzle books given to me by the same person at the same time…thanks AFW. Application for a Macy’s credit card so I could get 20% off the dress I bought for the wedding, the email listing participants for the pre-wedding golf tournament, several BHHCC score cards, a small address/phone book. Now, why do I have that? All the phone numbers I care about are in my phone, I don’t write letters anymore, and I know were everyone lives, so I don’t really need their addresses, hmmmmmm.

    I’m a little concerned though, because I seem to be missing my VISA card. I’m sure it’s stuck between some of the many pieces of paper stashed in my purse, so I guess it’s time to quit writing and start cleaning.

    See you all soon. Maybe I’ll find a dainty little something to carry to the wedding. I promise I won’t bring the WW Points calculator to the reception!

  • 2. elizabeth  |  July 29, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    I suppose that means it’s my turn.

    okay…my wallet of course (I suppose I should return my husband’s VISA card…naahhh) Yes, for whatever reason I have my little black book too “Party”. Two calendars (last year’s and this year’s – in case I forgot to transfer any b-days); receipts gallore (pretty much Target and Weggies); a silver keychain with an apple and “make a difference” (our staff gift for teacher appreciation day – settled to the far depths of my bag); enough barretts and hair ties to start a new store (thanks to my darling daughter’s forever-growing hair); can’t forget my wegmans coffee punch card and without writing a veritable book we’ll end with my small collection of writing implements (6 to be exact! I can’t help it I have a thing for pens 🙂 In my purse there is a green one, two red ones, a black one and two pencils.

    I guess it’s time to clean out!

    PS – I have to agree with Jess, the word “purse” is something I have a very difficult time with – particularly in reference to myself: I still don’t say I have a “purse” it sounds too old/grown up; I have “my bag”!

  • 3. Em  |  July 31, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    The best purse I’ve ever had and can not live without is always the next one I buy! So many bags, so little time! I

  • 4. Anna  |  August 1, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    Yes! I’m a bag hound, too–it’s always the next best one. And I have a hard time with purse, too–maybe because it is a verb as well.

    But I’ve got a pair of 2T shorts and CARS underpants in mine, in addition to elevnty-hundred pens, too. I’ve got a pen thing, too.

    Now what dainty little number can I bring this weekend to still fit the CARS underpants?

  • 5. lve  |  August 7, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    Wait until you have a kid…. then you will have lovely items like “resturant toys” fish crackers (and crumbs)….

    As for “purse” some people think a purse is the small bag for your change, a “pocketbook” is what your “purse” goes in. I am not fond of the word pocketbook… that is definately what my grandma had….


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